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For many years, the Zendegii team have crafted premium healthy snacks, and we now want to share our creations directly with you! Explore our nutritious range below and have them delivered conveniently to your door.

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Wolf Bite

Dark Chocolate (10 bars) (GF)

 £ 14.00

Wolf Bite

Pomegranate (10 bars) (GF)

 £ 14.00

Taster Box

1 X Each Snack

 £ 8.00

Swedish Oat Balls

3 p/bag, 12 bags (GF)

 £ 14.40

Pistachio Marbles

6 p/ bag, 10 bags (GF) (VE)

 £ 18.00

Fit Fibre Bar

10 Bars (GF)

 £ 15.00

Cocoa Truffles

3 p/bag, 12 bags (GF) (VE)

 £ 18.00

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