Our team

Much like our enchanting products, our team is a unique concoction of people.
World-class scientists, engineers, artists, marketing and innovation experts work together to find new paths to people’s hearts and health.

Cecilia Ezaz-Nikpay

Company Manager

Always first to the table at product tastings. Economist and former management consultant with Enjoin Partners and McKinsey. Likes problem solving, visiting industrial sites and writing too long emails. Lights candles at random, like all Swedes.


Pasquale Russo

Operations Manager

Architect and designer fuelled by espresso. Exceptional project leading and sophisticated, colourful spreadsheets are his favourite weapons. As an Italian master of all things, he makes the hardest work look breezy.


Dr. Daphne Duval


Seriously smart physicist who enjoys cooking yummy and deceptively healthy meals, as much as she likes eating them. Add a full scoop of academic experience, nutritional expertise and French-ness for the complete portrait.


Fatemeh Farahani


Trained in fine arts, a creative artist who loves using her colour palette of natural ingredients and flavours to create beautiful, healthy products. There is no taste challenge that she cannot solve in a surprising way. Cooks heavenly Iranian dishes for her colleagues.


Aurelie Geronimus


Psychologist by training, foodie by passion and by French heritage. Loves and leads culinary explorations in our lab, but when throwing off her apron, she is as astute in her role as management consultant, and as our lead designer of projects on consumer insight.


Virginia Martin


Sunnily natured scientist with PhD-expertise on materials and packaging. Broad knowledge in food engineering, particularly in drink applications linked to market responses. As an unapologetic academic, she happily admits that learning is her greatest passion.


Dr. Hendrik Sabert

Innovation and Engineering

Brilliant at Everything. Previously McKinsey consultant, senior researcher at Sony in Japan, and CTO of a tech startup. Among his untold number of skills, Hendrik programs in any computer language. Somehow, he finds time to be a really lovely guy too.


Antonio Gavira

Catering Solutions

Energetic, smiling, and Spanish; multi-tasks on a daily basis and reads the minds of our catering customers. Compiles competitive budgets that delight as much as his enticing menus. Ready for the battle every time it is necessary. Is a rock star by night (no kidding!).


Naima Slilem

Chef and Product Design

Experienced and warm-hearted chef who doesn’t get flummoxed by unusual catering requests or adventurous innovation projects. Juggles tortillas with salads, colourful smoothies and healthy cakes (plus colleagues messing up her kitchen).


Quim Lopes

Pastry Chef and Logistics

Makes things happen without causing a whirl. All of a sudden, tricky on-time deliveries have been sorted out, or an elaborate birthday cake has been produced that matches anything you’ve ever seen on TV. Warms us every day with his lovely smile.


Teresa Lopes

Chef and Premises

Counts the knives and keeps the kitchen in top-notch order. Looks after our highest hygiene standards – even when it involves shouting at colleagues that don’t follow the Rules. Cooks with a Portuguese twists and is never far away from a big laugh.


Dr. Khosro Ezaz-Nikpay


Biochemist from Harvard who went to McKinsey and spent much of his time on Innovation. One of the founders of Zendegii and full of ideas – mostly crazy but every now and then there is a good one. A fiery, persuasive lover of healthy eating and chocolate.


Peter Freedman


CEO of Global Consumer Goods Forum and a true gentleman. Passionate about finding healthy and environmentally sustainable solutions for consumers. Peter led McKinsey’s global consumer practice and brings a wealth of insight and practical guidance to everything we do.


Andrew McKinlay


Branding expert with big and small (but always successful) brands in his portfolio. Extensive experience from Sachi&Sachi and Nokia. Charming explorer of new marketing ideas, as well as of new ways of living healthily. Takes rugby very seriously.


Ray Huntzinger

Zendegii Fitness

Serial entrepreneur, passionate about nutrition and fitness. Zendegii guru who knows the minutiae of manufacturing. Formerly senior manager in banking and in logistics who left to start two boutique gyms in Leamington Spa and Harrogate.