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What we do

Product Innovation – Helping large companies design healthy products that are truly delicious
Consumer Products – Creating our own irresistible drinks and foods to be sold in retail
Startup Funding – We selectively support innovative start-ups with our expertise and funding

Our view on nutritional science

Where does a health-aware person – who is not a trained scientist with a lot of time on their hands – find the knowledge and the tools to tell health scares and fads apart from actual facts? The realization that there is no simple answer to that question became the starting point for Zendegii.

We work hard to question our own assumptions and expectations. Instead of subscribing to any particular set of beliefs about nutrition, we like to find out what is actually proven. We have spent a lot of time looking into meta-studies and scrutinizing data and it turns out that few of the claims you encounter on packaging and in media hold up. Statements about super-ingredients and targeted effects from eating or avoiding certain food quickly fall apart due to badly designed studies and wrongly drawn conclusions (particular causality when there is none).

Health insight for free

We are very happy to share the insight we have worked to gain. If you wish to use any of our material for teaching in a school, or want us to come around and talk at an office event, just contact us. We want everyone to learn and make more informed decisions about health.

Building on the simple truths

What is proven, however, are two simple facts: sugar is bad for you (in the amounts we are eating them today) and fibre is good- and it is the only macro-nutrient we are not over-consuming as a society. Particularly the ratio between sugar and fibre matters: eating sugar that is offset by fibre is less bad than sugar on its own.

We build on these straight forward insights in the design of our products and when coming up with solutions for other companies so that we can all get a little healthier without compromising on the flavour. We do not cheat by using sweeteners or other harmful additives, but stick to natural products and we use our patented taste mixing methodology instead, together with deep expertise in how people perceive sweetness and flavour.

Zendegii means life

The word Zendegii means life to almost 2 billion people around the globe, its roots reach from Hindi and Persian, all the way into Russian (Ziv Zhizn), Polish (Zycie) and Greek (Zoion), the English words Zoo (life-form) and Zodiac (circle of animals) derive from the Greek.

Zen is another word that is part of our name and that spans the globe and means “mindfulness” and it is often used in connection with meditation and found in most East Asian languages: Japanese (Zen), Chinese (Chán), Sanskrit (Jhana), Korean (Seon), Vietnamese (Thien), and Tibetan (Samten). To many people in the west it has come to mean chilled-out and relaxed.

Our intention is to help enrich your life with the best products and health advice possible, always mindful of what you like or need.