Product innovation

Our cross-functional team nimbly skips over the barriers to fast innovation and prototyping that big corporations often struggle with. We have helped several large FMCG companies making their drinks, foods and snacks healthier (e.g., reducing sugar) whilst at the same time improving the taste experience.

The deep scientific expertise of our team allows us to go down any solution-path required for the challenge a client is facing. We also have a patented flavour technology that makes it possible to balance different flavours in a completely new way.

To test prototypes with customers we often deploy the Nascent Demand methodology. It is a one-on-one interaction approach that gains high octane insight into consumers’ hidden needs and desires. Our short and targeted projects yield a richer and more accurate set of answers to early stage development than expensive large scale focus groups or surveys. We are happy to innovate from scratch for white label, or to optimize existing products.